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Tanks & cabinets

An aquarium tank is not just a rearing box. It can raise fish with lots of aquatic plants by recreating an environment - just like nature.

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The substrate is base layer of material in a tank where plants can root and grow.

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Light is life for aquatic plants. To provide your plants with a healthy atmosphere, you need the right kind of lighting setup for their growth and well being.

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Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK) are the three major essential nutrients to grow aquatic plants.

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A healthy aquarium depends on maintaining clean water, which requires some means of filtration to remove contaminants and purify the water.

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All plants are different and have different needs. Some require a lot of light, fertiliser and CO2. Others will thrive will almost no help. We have made selecting plants easy for you. All plants are marked with patented symbols that inform you about their difficulty.

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