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We are a team of aquascapers dedicated on providing the highest quality products, aquatic plants and valuable guidance to help you succeed in this wonderful hobby. Our passion started two decades ago with non-planted aquariums just like you.

The day we first discovered the beauty of Nature Aquarium, our fascination, quickly turned into obsession. As we were learning, making and tinkering our experiences, we realised that some products and plants are unfortunately hard to find. That day, we decided that we needed to help the community in our way.

Together with the support of ONA, we started thinking on an easy platform accessible to anyone. The idea of “Aqua Bazar” was born, an online shop dedicated to Nature Aquarium where purchases, new projects and introduction to this wonderful hobby are made possible. Our mission is simple; to find and provide the highest quality products, services, and to help discover the beauty of Nature Aquarium.

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