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DOOA TERRA BASE: The Perfect Habitat for Epiphytic Plants

The DOOA TERRA BASE is expertly crafted to replicate the natural conditions of rainforest tree trunks, providing an ideal environment for small orchids, ferns, and mosses. Its pottery-mode cylindrical body is designed to offer the optimal conditions for epiphytic plants that thrive in cool and humid environments.

When filled with water, the porous surface of the DOOA TERRA BASE allows moisture to gradually seep out, maintaining consistent humidity. Additionally, the heat of vaporisation cools the surface, creating a microclimate that closely mimics the natural habitats of these plants.

Key Features:

  • Natural Habitat Simulation: Accurately replicates the growing conditions of rainforest tree trunks.
  • Gradual Water Release: The porous pottery surface ensures a slow and steady release of water.
  • Cooling Effect: The process of evaporation lowers the surface temperature, ideal for cool-loving plants.
  • Ideal for Epiphytes: Perfect for cultivating small orchids, ferns, and mosses that prefer cool, humid conditions.


  • Consistent Humidity: Provides a steady moisture supply to maintain a humid environment essential for epiphytes.
  • Temperature Regulation: Evaporation-induced cooling effect creates a suitable microclimate.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a variety of small plants that require specific humidity and temperature levels.

Usage Tips:

  1. Fill with Water: Pour water inside the DOOA TERRA BASE to start the slow water release and cooling process.
  2. Plant Placement: Arrange small orchids, ferns, or mosses on the surface of the DOOA TERRA BASE.
  3. Maintenance: Regularly monitor the water level and refill as needed to sustain optimal growing conditions.

Enhance your indoor garden with the DOOA TERRA BASE, creating a perfect, naturalistic habitat for your favourite epiphytic plants.


Ø10×H16 / Φ10×H23

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