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BOYU EFU-35 5W UV External Canister

BOYU EFU-35 5W UV External Canister


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The BOYU EFU-35 External Canister Filter with a built-in 5W UV steriliser is ideal for tanks up to 350-550 litres. The BOYU EFU-35 handles up to 950 litres per hour, and with its multi-stage media tray, you are able to achieve an excellent mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. This canister filter has a built-in 5-Watt UV steriliser to help kill algae spores and harmful microorganisms.


L: 290 x W: 290 × H: 445 (mm)


Flow rate: 950l/h
UV Light: 5W
Voltage: 230V
Suitable: 350-550l

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