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Chihiros RGB VIVID 2 LED light with APP Control

Chihiros RGB VIVID 2 LED light with APP Control


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Chihiros RGB VIVID II is a modern LED pendant lamp for aquariums that highlights the full colour of both the aquatic plants as of the animals that live in accords. The arrangement of the red, green and blue LED's in one LED chip ensures the most natural possible colour reproduction of light and favours optimally plant growth.

Thanks to its brightness and light output, the lamp is also an excellent choice for densely planted aquariums or for plants with special lighting requirements. With its light output, the lamp is designed to Aquariums with a length of 60 to 90 cm and is characterised by Long useful life of its LED's.

The RGB VIVID 2 has a controller Bluetooth pre-installed. This distinguishes it from RGB VIVID I, which requires programming of an external device, the Commander 4.

The VIVID II Integrated Controller allow that lamp is operated by “My Chihiros APP” and allows individual programming of the daily schedule. Through the application settings, the brightness temperature . colour and the 3 colour channels can be easily switched, so that, for example, sunrise and sunset can be easily simulated.

It contains a built-in fan that actively cools the lamp during operation.

Suitable for aquariums of 60-90 cm.

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