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Tropica Ludwigia inclinata 'Cuba' (potted)

Tropica Ludwigia inclinata 'Cuba' (potted)


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Ludwigia inclinata 'Cuba' was found in Cuba by Tropica founder Holger Windeløv. It is an exceptionally beautiful, large stem plant that requires good space and optimal conditions to develop well. The narrow leaves have a mixture of golden, orange and red colours, creating a unique eye-catcher in any aquarium.

High light intensity combined with good water circulation and abundant fertilisation, including CO2 supply, are essential. Growth is upright, overhanging and vigorous, so regular pruning is necessary. As the plant does not always produce new shoots after pruning, the cut top shoots should be replanted. Remove the lowest leaves and plant the shoot in the soil, where roots will quickly form.

Plant info

Type: Stem
Origin: Tropical
Growth rate: High
Height: 5 - 20+
Light demand: High
CO2: High

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