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WIO Vistas Super Shallow

WIO Vistas Super Shallow


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WIO VISTAS SF - SUPER SHALLOW: Experience Nature's Emerged Beauty

Transform your space into a vibrant, living canvas with the WIO VISTAS SF - SUPER SHALLOW. This ultra-panoramic aquarium is designed to showcase the captivating world above the waterline, offering a unique perspective on plant life.

Crafted from ultra-optical glass, the minimalist design of the WIO VISTAS SF emphasises the emerged area, highlighting the beauty of plants like no other tank format. The side-top viewing feature provides an unparalleled view of nature's splendor, turning your aquarium into a living piece of art.

Proudly made in Europe, each WIO VISTAS SF - SUPER SHALLOW tank meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, exquisitely framed in a WIO SUPER SHALLOW tank.

Available Sizes:

  • VISTAS 25SF: 25x25x9cm, 5L, 5mm thickness
  • VISTAS 30SF: 30x18x9cm, 5L, 5mm thickness
  • VISTAS 36SF: 36x22x10cm, 8L, 5mm thickness
  • VISTAS 45SF: 45x27x11cm, 13L, 5mm thickness
  • VISTAS 60SF: 60x30x12cm, 21L, 5mm thickness

Experience the grandeur of nature with the WIO VISTAS SF - SUPER SHALLOW and bring the beauty of the above-water world into your home.

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