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Xiaoli SunSun XWA-1000U 9W UV 5-Stage External Canister Filter

Xiaoli SunSun XWA-1000U 9W UV 5-Stage External Canister Filter


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Experience superior water clarity with the Xiaoli SunSun XWA-1000U Canister Filter. This high-performance filter ensures your aquarium remains a pristine and healthy environment for your aquatic life.

Key Features:

  • Fast Water Purification: Delivers rapid and effective multiple-stage filtration for crystal clear water.
  • Oil Film Removal: Effectively eliminates surface oil film, inhibits bacterial growth, and removes algae for a cleaner tank.
  • Flow Control: Adjustable flow rate for customized water circulation, enhancing energy efficiency and saving power.

Perfect for both freshwater and marine aquariums, the Xiaoli SunSun XWA-1000U is designed to maintain optimal water quality with ease. Keep your tank clean and your aquatic friends happy with this reliable and efficient canister filter.


L: 254 x W: 254 × H: 480 (mm)


Flow rate: 1,400L/h
Pump Power: 26W
Voltage: 240V

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